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Manage your Zilliqa assets in one simple dashboard.
Track your wallet, pools and staking.
Become a ZilStream member
Become a ZilStream member and enjoy deeper insight into the ZRC-2 market and your position within it. Track rewards from providing liquidity, staking and farms. Filter and export through your entire transaction history, change to your native currency and never miss an opportunity with price alerts.
Rewards tracking
Track liquidity and staking rewards for tokens
Track liquidity rewards provided by tokens and the ZilSwap liquidity mining program. View your weekly rewards by each token and in total. Properly adjusted for those projects that exclude their admin wallets.
ZilStream supports not just ZWAP rewards but rewards from every token providing you an overview of all rewards you stand to gain.
Estimated weekly rewards
5,000 ZIL
Liquidity Rewards
Combined APR: 100%
53.13ZWAP/ week
24,038STREAM/ week
Currency switching
Change the native currency across ZilStream
Track prices, market caps, volume, liquidity and your portfolio in your (crypto) currency of choice. Select a new currency will instantly change all the values across the site.
Transaction history
All of your transactions, displayed clearly
The full transaction history for your wallet. With extra attention to your swaps, liquidity and other dApp interactions making them as clear as possible.
-5,000 ZIL
+1,000 STREAM
+12,500 ZIL
-25,000 ZIL
+1,250 ZWAP
-2,500 ZIL
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